The Cleveland Browns have a new Coach. Mike McCarthy? No. John Harbaugh? No? Freddie Kitchens? Yes!

Not since the Kardiac Kids or the Dawg Pound of the 80’s have the Cleveland Browns and the loyalist fans in all of sports have this much energy and excitement of what is coming. Browns Fans can sense the changes.  After 25 plus QBs the Browns have found Baker Mayfield. Nobody ever thought he would be the strong quarterback the Browns have been looking for for decades. From Tim Couch to Johnny Manziel, Baker Mayfield looks to be the one that will lead the Cleveland Browns to the playoffs in the next few years. Break out the vintage YT videos on Minnifield, Dixon, Metcalf and Kosar.  Break out the vintage Browns jerseys.

Its time!


Although the Cleveland Browns home jerseys of the 80’s are all gone, the all white are still one of the greatest. However, the all Brown uniforms with sewn letters of the 2018 are the best of all-time.


Dawg Browns

The impotence of losing seasons and quarterback busts is coming to an end. The Cleveland Browns have found their quarterback and uniform and possibly a coach.

Mike McCarthy is a former Green Bay Packer coach who has led the Green and Gold to a Superbowl, now McCarthy is being scouted by many teams. McCarthy is a Pittsburgh native. The Pittsburgh Steelers have poached many players from Ohio including the latest one in Big Ben Rothlisberger. Cleveland very rarely poaches from Pittsburgh or Pennsylvania. Why? Because there is limited players. Outside of Florida and Georgia, Ohio produces the most NFL players. Ohio has two of the greatest NBA players playing in this time frame. So it would be very fitting for the Cleveland Browns to hire a great coach who was born in Pittsburgh. Mike McCarthy is being scouted by several teams. For Cleveland Browns fans next season can’t come quick enough. The Browns finished just one game under 500 and showed some strength in 2018.


For Cleveland and Browns fans the surfing of the net and looking at Browns gear and helmets is what the off season will be about. So far the Browns helmets are sold out and on a waiting list.